"It was a master class in groove in texture, in tension/release, and in overall musicianship. My only regret is that I spent about half of it just listening, because Detroit Mike Hepner was making my rig sing. Mr. Hepner, my friend, Las Vegas is gonna miss you dearly. You are a player, in the Michigan sense of the word-a no frills, no drama monster. Florida: The tsunami is coming, and its name is Mike. Be afraid. Be very afraid." Bob A.
Bob A.

“It was a blast. Both me and dad were talking to each other about how great you are. You are definitely our first call for any future open dates. Thanks a million.”

Ed and Jack Mathews

Owners, Desert Productions, Las Vegas

Michael is a gifted & fantastic musician with great feel, energy & spirit! A pure pleasure to work with and look forward to doing repeated business in the future. A must for anyone looking for live entertainment!”


Donna Lynne


“Mike is a keyboard virtuoso who can play any style with great flair. He’s a professional solo artist, sideman and studio musician.”

Bruce Bartlett

Bartlett Recording Studios

“Mike Hepner is without exception one of the most talanted keyboard players I’ve had the honor to work with which is the reason he plays on our new album, East Bound Train.”

Fred Balbo

Lead Singer

“When Mike first joined our Jazz group he jumped right in. He didn’t hesitate creating charts. He is ALWAYS on time and has a positive attitude. What I am most impressed with is that Mike is actually a Boogie Blues player but is playing Jazz as if he always has! Thank you Mike”


Lead Vocalist Rheda K's Jazz Krew

Wish you all the luck, happiness, peace and joy…..lord knows you have spread these things to all of us…you will be missed in our music community….and even more so as a friend!

WebRadio Xers

Hi Mike,
“Thank you! It was our pleasure working with you. Every single member of the band told me that you were a class act who did such a great job in such short notice and was also a lot of fun to work with on stage. I second their comments.”

Dennis Stella

Award winning Las Vegas Style Elvis Tribute Artist

“Mike is by far one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known. As a composer, arranger, singer and keyboard player he excels with energy, skill, pizzazz and emotion. Mike is a man of faith, caring and kind. From ballads to gospel to boogie woogie to the blues, this guy rocks!”

Roger C. Senkbeil

“I have been aware of Mike Hepner’ musical aptitudes since meeting him in Michigan during the early 1970’s. Since then, Mike has honed his talents and developed his abilities as a piano/organ player, composer, arranger and producer. Not satisfied to confine his music to any one genre, Mike can play blues, jazz, boogie-woogie, new age and worship music with equal adeptness and feeling. I sincerely endorse Mike Hepner as a person, and a multifaceted musician.”

Steve Gilbert

“Excellent keyboardist. Dresses and acts professionally. Versatile performer who is well versed in various genres of music.”

Rockshots Debi

Professional Photographer

“Mike is incredibly diverse when creating a deep breadth of music for all occasions. For me, he developed beautiful opening piece for all my downloadable podcasts. Mike’s ear for music and authenticity connects with the person he works with – whether playing in a group for a crowd or one-on-one as he did for me. Simply – a Great Musician!”

Soleil H.

Founder Stress to Success, YogaBlaze

Mike the music scene here in Michiana will have a big void without you here!

Donald Iain Brockie

You will be missed! What a selfless, class act, donating your family piano. Good luck!!

Linda Murphy

Listening to Blues review and heard you’re leaving?!?!? Say it isn’t so?! It was always an honor and pleasure to listen and jam with you! The music scene in the Michiana area has lost the best keyboard player it ever had. I wish you well in your move, God bless

Mikee Wirt II

(referring to my visit on Gordy Young’s Podcast for his 25th show) “People loved that show…a bunch of folks have told me it was the best one they’ve heard, so that’s cool! Anyway…yes, everyone loved that show…you da man! thanks again”


“Mike is an outstanding performer with a wealth of experience under his belt. I’ve known Mike to be helpful and kind. The type of person I want to do business with.”

Bryan Chris

“I have known and worked with Mike for several years. His ability to produce results even in the midst of adverse circumstances is a testimony to his professionalism and character.”

Cliff West

“We loved the CD! My kids listened to the ENTIRE CD without once asking me to put in
Justin B. LOL Thank you for the amazing gift. :)”

Renee Comer Miller

“Hi Mike! Wow! What a great time Sunday! It is truly a pleasure sharing a stage with you.”

Mike DeHays

Bass player with the Bobby Lee Caldwell Band

“Thanks for jammin’ with us last night…you rock!”

Bobby Lee Caldwell

The Bobby Lee Caldwell Band