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Giving Back By Teaching Others.

When it comes to giving back, This is an area of Mike's profession that means a lot to him. Many talented keyboardists, musicians and producers have shared their gifts with him over the 35 years he has been a professional. To that end, he has always wanted to give back to those that are the upcoming professionals and semi-professionals.

"I have always gotten my greatest joy from watching other artists find themselves personally and professionally knowing that I had a little something to do with it. Being there to give them lessons and personal encouragement that expand their ability to improvise and understand how to play with the big boys and girls and then watch them get the recognition they deserve is the best reward!

Knowing also that they have grown as a person as well is important to me. I have learned that you can be the greatest keyboardist ever, but if you don't like yourself and know that you have a purpose on this earth and a responsibility to use your talents to make a difference in other peoples' lives then what you do is meaningless.

To his future students: "Never forget your life has meaning. Share the gifts you have been given and always make a difference in other peoples' lives by helping them know the same thing about themselves.

Contact Mike today. He can arrange to do lessons at your house or at his studio.

Michael Hepner Keyboardist

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