Michael Hepner :: Studio Recording Artist

Touch Emotions With Compelling Musical Compositions!

As a composer Mike has a sensitivity that makes his compositions very special. Whether writing for himself or co-writing or being commissioned, his ability to pick the right style, feel and words can only come from his willingness to care about the project as if it were his own experience.

Mike credits this to not allowing an artistic temperament rule the song. "It's all about really caring about what lives will be touched and how they need to be touched.

I have a nephew named Bennett who at a very young age said it best when he wrote the following words:

" Though I appreciate and respect all art, the art form that I identify with most is music. In my opinion, music is a true universal language, as it can communicate messages, ideas, and feelings with or without words that can be understood and felt by all. From the deep, soulful and painful tones of the blues, to the religious lyrics of reggae and gospel, to the emotional journeys and complex melodies of jazz, music can convey thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a much more understandable and elegant fashion than any other language."

To this end, Mike knows that song or even background track creates an emotion that once felt can change a life and touch emotions and as he has always said, "That makes it all worthwhile and always will."

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Michael Hepner Keyboardist

Blue Shores

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