Michael Hepner :: Studio Recording Artist

Professional Music Arrangments Make Your Songs Come Alive!

As with his love for composing, many times people or organizations need to take a piece of music that they have written or are playing and make it come alive! Arranging is a special talent that can make a song or project memorable. Whether a complex orchestration or a simple one, Mike has a special skill in hearing what will bring out the best in a piece of music.

"I have always felt that if a song is well written, the arrangement could be just a piano and voice, but many times an arrangement done correctly can make it memorable and fresh and create an emotion that wasn't there before. Sometimes less is more, but with so many instruments to choose from it's nice to have someone that can hear where a song can be even before it is arranged. And then create that arrangement.

All songs will be created on Finale Software. You will receive all parts and a master score if needed.

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Michael Hepner Keyboardist

Blue Shores

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