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Live performances is what music is all about. Detroit Mike shines both in the studio and during live performances. Browse the videos below and see Mike in action! Although the clips below are Blues heavy, Michael loves almost all styles of music. Blues, Jazz, Boogie, Rock, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Country, Folk, New Age are no problem and his amazing improvisational abilities transfer to all styles as well.

Detroit Mike is available for touring, festivals and to play your events: Weddings, corporate events, clubs, family happenings, school functions, holidays, sporting events, country clubs, restaurants, churches and festivals – if you need music, you want Mike! Mike can put together anything from a solo/duo act to a full band! Find Out More »


Check out Detroit Mike's promotional video!

"Detroit" Mike performing with NRQ (New Rhythm Quartet) with the great Toscha Comeaux at the Smith Center in Las Vegas!

Playing with one of Las Vegas' newest stars, Chadwick Johnson!

Co-founder of NRQ New Rhythm Quartet.


Preview A Small Sampling of Mikes Music Below

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Mikes Solo CD Blue Shores
1 Chicago Flyer (4 Hand Boogie with Bob Seeley)
2 Back Home Again (New Age)
3 Beautiful (New Age)
4 Best Friends (Light Jazz)
5 Touched (A tribute to the late Bill Evans) (Jazz)
6 One Life For All (Dedicated to our Lord)
7 Pinecone (A Tribute to Pinetop Perkins) (Blues)
8 Right Leanin' (Blues)
Mike with the Elwood Splinters Blues Band
1 Mess Around
2 Big Legged Woman
3 I'll Play the Blues For You
4 Buzz Me
5 How Blue Can You Get
6 Messin' With The Kid
7 TV Mama
Mike with Catman and the All-Nighters
1 Top Shelf Boogie
2 Fishin' Hole
3 Long Time Comin
4 I'm Ready
Mike with the Just Jammin' XERS Band
1 Boogie Woogie
2 Killin' Floor
3 Mike's Jam in G
4 Soul Organ and Brass Sounds